The great outdoors supplies the ingredients on Hulu’s ‘Chefs vs. Wild’

'Chefs vs. Wild' - Foraging and feeding

“Chefs vs. Wild”

At a time when grocery prices are going through the roof, foraging for one’s own ingredients seems like a good idea. And as it turns out, a tasty one as well, judging by a culinary competition series coming to Hulu.

In “Chefs vs. Wild,” an eight-episode series premiering Monday, Sept. 26, two world class chefs are dropped in the wilderness, where they’ll be tasked with not only surviving but also foraging enough wild ingredients to create a restaurant-worthy, five star meal. After a head-to-head competition in a wilderness kitchen, the final products are then judged by wild foods expert Valerie Segrest and chef and adventurer Kiran Jethwa, who is also the host.

Of course, the foraging-for-food subgenre of foodie TV has been expanding over the past decade or so and the following is just a fraction of what is available.

“Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted” (Available on Disney+ and Prime Video): The British celebrity chef and restaurateur shows his wild side in this National Geographic series as he ventures to some of the most remote locations on Earth in places like New Zealand, Peru, Tasmania and Morocco, to dive, forage, fish and even jump out of helicopters for extraordinary ingredients, from which he will create meals certain to impress the locals.

“Wild Harvest” (Available on YouTube): “Survivorman” Les Stroud and chef Paul Rogalski are your guides for this series that originally aired on PBS stations, in which they explore the culinary potential of wild ingredients in locations across Canada and the United States. Among their stops: the Oregon coast for mussels and wild radish; the Canadian Rockies for horsetail and dandelion; Alberta for grouse and Labrador tea; and Ontario for lambsquarters and raspberries.

“Original Fare” (Available on PBS online and YouTube): From PBS Food comes this foodie/adventure series that follows host Kelly Cox as she hunts, forages and farms her way around the globe to search for the best ingredients our planet has to offer. Her travels take her to places such as Bodega Bay Calif., to hunt for gaper clams; Texas Hill Country to check out the wine; South Carolina to gather oysters; and Puget Sound, Wash., to catch crabs for crab rangoon.

“WildFed” (Available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play): Hosted by Daniel Vitalis, this podcast aims to deepen listeners’ connection with the natural world through hunting, fishing, foraging and understanding that wild food is all around us if we just pay attention.

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