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Freddie Highmore in "The Good Doctor"
Freddie Highmore in “The Good Doctor,” Mondays on ABC.

Q: I didn’t see “The Good Doctor” in its usual slot on a recent Monday night. Did I just miss it, or what? – Chris Pergolini, via e-mail

A: It’s “what.” Trust us, with the hugely impressive ratings the Freddie Highmore-starring ABC drama has earned since its September premiere, it won’t be going away permanently for a long while. The network did give it a rest on a recent Monday to air its Robin Roberts-hosted profile of country-music star Luke Bryan, largely because that was a convenient slot in relation to the network’s telecast of the CMA Awards two nights later. However,  “The Good Doctor” is in very good shape to stay around for some time to come.

Erica Durance
Erica Durance in “Saving Hope” on ION.

Q: Could you tell me what happened to “Raising Hope”? I was faithfully watching it every Tuesday evening then it just went off. – Shirley Rascher, Rehoboth, Mass.

A: We suspect you mean the ION Television medical drama “Saving Hope,” and not the Fox comedy series “Raising Hope,’’ which went off the air in 2014 – so you probably would have noticed that was gone long before now.

The fifth and most recent season of “Saving Hope” was the last for the Canadian-made show … thus, any threads that were left dangling by the last episode will remain dangling, barring a series revival or a TV-movie sequel (neither of which has been discussed, to our knowledge). The decision to end the Erica Durance-starring program was made after what turned out to be the concluding batch of episodes was ordered by ION (though the show had gotten its U.S. start on NBC) and originating network CTV.

Q: Could you tell what happened to Jennifer Esposito, who played Agent Quinn on “NCIS” last season? – Mary Jane Langietti, Roselle, Ill.

A: Much was made of the fact that the actress was returning to CBS after she and “Blue Bloods” parted company (which she was quite vocal about at the time), but upon leaving “NCIS” after one year, she said she “could not have asked for a better opportunity.” In some corners, it was thought that her exit was related to a change in the series’ producers, given the untimely passing of Gary Glasberg last year.

However, Esposito – who was Mrs. Bradley Cooper in real life for just under a year, about a decade ago — still has the recurring part of Noah Solloway’s (Dominic West) sister on the Showtime drama “The Affair,” and she has completed filming the forthcoming movie “Cigarette,” in which she plays John Travolta’s wife.

Q: I’ve heard that “This Is Us” will end its season in March. Is that any reason to worry that the show won’t be renewed? — Kathy Blake, via e-mail

A: Not at all, especially since it already has been. In fact, NBC gave the critically lauded, Emmy-winning drama its Season 3 pickup at the same time it was renewed for its current Season 2. The March wrap-up simply indicates that will be the end of the number of episodes that were ordered for this round, though as it’s turned out, the show actually will get an extra airing.

NBC is giving “This Is Us” the much-coveted slot following the Super Bowl on Feb. 4, and though no specifics of that episode had been announced at the time of this writing, we suspect it will be designed to stand as its own hour while peripherally tying into the larger arc of the Pearson family’s saga normally seen on Tuesdays.

Q: I know the “S.W.A.T.” theme song was a big hit on the music charts when the original show was on. Who composed it? – Paul Bronson, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: That would be Barry De Vorzon, a Grammy-winning music veteran whose career dates back to the 1950s. Though he recorded some tunes himself in the 1960s, he’s best-known for his writing and producing talents – and also for launching the record label Valiant, for which he recruited the group The Association. De Vorzon also co-composed “Nadia’s Theme” for the CBS daytime staple “The Young and the Restless,” and among the movie soundtracks boasting his sound are “Xanadu” and “Bless the Beasts and Children,” the latter with an Oscar-nominated title song recorded by The Carpenters.

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