‘The Expanse’ – Cara Gee bids farewell to intense character

Why Canadian actress considered it a treat to play Drummer

Cara Gee

Take one look at Cara Gee’s IMDb photos and you’ll see she looks nothing like her character from “The Expanse.” Nor does she sound like her.

Indeed, the personable Canadian actress is a complete departure from the fierce, hard Camina Drummer in the Amazon space drama that begins its sixth and final season on Friday, Dec. 10, which she says made it easier to separate from her when filming wrapped.

“I certainly would never want to live her life, that’s for sure,” Gee explains. “I think because of the dialect and the makeup is so severe and her posture is so severe, the costumes are so different from what I wear. You know, there are so many things that are different that she’s actually really kind of easy to slip out of as soon as I’m not speaking that way, as soon as I’m not in my makeup, as soon as I’ve taken the tattoos off. I’m kind of like, ‘Ooooh, OK.’ Like I can get back to laughing and joking around and not having the weight of the universe on my shoulders.”

The new season finds the solar system at war and Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) and his Free Navy continuing to launch devastating attacks on Earth and Mars. For Drummer, things are pretty bleak. She’s mourning the man she loved, Serge, who was murdered by Inaros at the end of Season 5, and her family and world are broken.

Despite Drummer’s intensity, Gee considers it a rare treat to transform into someone who is “vibrating on that level” and hopes the series gets a reprieve, as it did after it was canceled following Season 3. There are still three more books in the series, so she’s hopeful Drummer will live again — maybe in a happier time.

Or maybe not.

“You know, it’s ‘The Expanse.’ They don’t let Drummer smile,” Gee says with a laugh. “I think she has smiled once in this whole series.”

Cara Gee

Birth date: July 18, 1983

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (raised in suburban Toronto)

Alma mater: Has a BFA in acting from the University of Windsor

Family: Married to Canadian actor Richard de Klerk; one child

TV credits include: “Republic of Doyle,” “Darknet,” “Strange Empire,” “Inhuman Condition,” “Letterkenny”

Movie credits include: “Empire of Dirt” (2013), “Sundowners” (2017), “The Carmilla Movie” (2017), “Birdland” (2018), “Trouble in the Garden” (2018), “Red River” (2018), “Wynter” (2018, TV), “Alone Wolf” (2020), “The Call of the Wild” (2020), “Levels” (forthcoming)

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