“The Chef Show” – Choi plays the sidekick

On working with Favreau

Roy Choi of “The Chef Show” on Netflix

Q: How would you describe your working relationship with co-star Jon Favreau on Netflix’s “The Chef Show”?

A: I think we work really well together. We kind of feed off each other, yin and yang. I’m definitely the chef of the show but Jon is the host of the show and he’s the director and the vision and I’m the Ed McMahon, you know, I’m the Andy Richter (laughs). I’m the co-host and I think we both throw each other alley-oops and I need him and he needs me.

Q: So Jon’s extroverted nature counterbalances your own inexperience in front of the camera.

A: Yeah, it really counterbalances. I mean, it really allowed me to not worry about having to come up with like hyperbolic phrases and do things in front of the camera to try to be interesting or funny or whatever. It was like Jon really created an environment where I could be myself and Jon knew exactly how … to keep the pace going, how to throw me questions that kept me alive in front of the camera.

Q: And you just worried about explaining the nuts and bolts.

A: Yeah, and that’s really the show. It’s a little bit of improv. It’s the roots of improv. It was Jon really leading me … because for me again, at the time we were filming I wasn’t a pro in front of the camera. So when you’re not trained in front of a camera … you have a tendency to kind of trail off in your sentences, you get quiet, you look down, you become introverted, you talk a little softer. … Sometimes you don’t exert yourself in the ways the camera picks up. And I learned all that by being with Jon on the spot.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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