The ‘Burden of Truth’ falls on Kristin Kreuk again

Law drama begins its third season on The CW

Kristin Kreuk of “Burden of Truth” Thursday on The CW

Q: As Season 3 of “Burden of Truth” opens, your lawyer character Joanna is both the personal and professional partner of Billy (played by Peter Mooney). Are you satisfied with the progression of their relationship?

A: Absolutely. One thing we’ve realized is that we can take that and build on it every year, and I liked jumping right in and seeing what it’s like for people who haven’t been in a lot of relationships — and who live together and work together, and how that plays out when you’re also dealing with emotional baggage.

Q: What would you say about the child-custody case that fuels their legal efforts this season?

A: The custody case is something that brings them back to (the town of) Millwood, and Joanna has to deal with another part of her history, something that she’s kind of hidden and that has been very impactful for her as an adult … but she’s never told anyone about it. It weaves through what she’s struggling with in her relationship with Billy.

Q: Though her fellow-lawyer father is gone now, does his influence still loom large for Joanna?

A: I think that it always will. She’s dealt with her father to a large degree, but the fact is, how do you get over his being murdered and everything that he did? How much she identifies with him, that’s not going to ever go away, so he’s still very present in her psyche.

Also, there are the ways in which he wasn’t bad, and she’s able to pull those apart and see that she learned some things from her father that are good. Even if he was a horrible human being.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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