‘The Arrangement’ – Getting dark in Season 2

Michael Vartan of "The Arrangement" Sunday on E! Entertainment Television
Michael Vartan of “The Arrangement” Sunday on E! Entertainment Television

Q: What is ahead for calculating, manipulative cult leader Terence Anderson in Season 2 of “The Arrangement”?

A: To me, the most interesting thing about the show is these twisted relationships and in Season 2, it’s more that that. I mean, things get really dark, and all of the main characters at some point in Season 2 have moments where they really have to take a good look at themselves and what they’re all about and what they stand for and what they’re willing to do and how far they’re willing to push certain things to achieve what they want. So a lot of soul-searching.

Good old Terence, his soul is so far removed from his grasp, I think he’s doing the best he can, but he in the end goes to some pretty dark places. So as an actor, that’s always fun to play.

Q: So all in all, this is a fun character to climb into every day?

A: Yeah, absolutely. I love our cast. I love all the executive producers. This is probably the most down-to-earth group of people as a unit that I’ve ever worked with. You know, we all understand that we’re not curing cancer, we all understand that we’re just lucky to be working and we actually have a good show.

And I wish more people knew that our show was not a reality show, because my friends who don’t watch that kind of stuff, they’re like, “How’s your reality show going?” “Dude, it’s not a reality show. How many times do I have to tell you?” And they’re like, “But it’s on E!” “Never mind, I give up.” People who know where it is will watch and if they don’t, that’s fine.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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