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Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson of “The Affair” on Showtime.

Q: Is it definite that Ruth Wilson won’t be back for the final season of “The Affair”? – Melanie Watkins, Columbus, Ohio

A: That certainly is the indication, at least in terms of her being an active cast member. As followers of the Showtime series know, it plays around with its timeline, so it’s conceivable that existing footage of her as the now-deceased Alison could be used as flashbacks. In thinking about it, we’d actually be surprised if that doesn’t happen, given what a major impact Alison had on others – very particularly, Noah and Cole (Dominic West, Joshua Jackson). Their perspectives are critical to the show’s structure, and it’s extremely likely Alison that will cross their minds. And often.

"The Last Ship"
“The Last Ship” on TNT.

Q: Could you tell me whether “The Last Ship” has been renewed for another season on TNT? As a former sailor, I can say their portrayals are pretty much on the money. – Larry Moyer, Sinking Spring, Pa.

A: Hopefully, you’ve seen by now that its fifth season has just started running on Sunday nights. It’s also the final season for the Eric Dane-starring series, which is less about fighting a lethal virus and more about political intrigue this time … with the next world war as a possible result.

Q: We were sorry to see the cancellation of “Designated Survivor,” but we did hear that Netflix was considering picking it up. Is that still a possibility? – Annette Ginter, via e-mail

A: It’s more than a possibility now. After a period of time when it seemed nothing was happening on that front, Netflix suddenly decided very recently to order a 10-episode third season of the Kiefer Sutherland-starring drama. The potential for that was based largely on the fact that Netflix was the streaming home of the show internationally (outside the U.S. and Canada) during its two-season run – but after its promising and generally well-reviewed start, the series was fraught with high turnover creatively, with a constant succession of executive producers taking it over.

Guiding it going forward will be “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “ER” veteran Neal Baer, and other cast members including Italia Ricci and Kal Penn also are expected to return. Mid-to-late 2019 would seem a reasonable target for the new episodes to debut.

Q: I have not seen “Hollywood Game Night” with Jane Lynch recently. Has the program been canceled? – Debbie Burke, Port Orange, Fla.

A: No. In fact, a new season of the NBC program is slated to go into production in October for airing in 2019, though it hasn’t been determined yet whether that will be early in the new year or more toward summer. A special “Red Nose Day” edition of the contest – for which Lynch currently is an Emmy nominee again — was shown in May, with guest players including Sean Hayes (a creator and executive producer of the show) and Kelly Clarkson.

Q: It was interesting to see additional footage when James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” with Sir Paul McCartney aired as a primetime special. Is there usually lots of material from those segments that doesn’t get on the air? – Heather Neal, via e-mail

A: You can bet on it. Consider all the factors involved, particularly those pertaining to Corden actually being behind the wheel when those sessions are filmed for CBS’ “Late Late Show.” As anyone who’s ever driven a car knows, actual traffic is unpredictable enough without the added concern that it runs smoothly enough for a television program to be made in the middle of it, so stops and restarts are inevitable for Corden and his crew.

Q: I’ve been seeing “The Good Doctor” on Saturdays lately. Is that the new night for it? – Chris Reynolds, Grand Junction, Colo.

A: That was just its slot for the summer, so that ABC could work it back into the lineup while running such fare as “The Bachelorette” and “The Proposal” on Mondays. In fact, the Freddie Highmore-starring drama – which was one of last season’s top new hits – is now back in its usual Monday berth, continuing to air repeat episodes until its second season begins Sept. 24.

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