‘The Accidental Wolf’ enmeshes Broadway’s Kelli O’Hara in suspense

Tony Award winner stars in Topic streaming series

Kelli O’Hara of ‘The Accidental Wolf’ Thursday on Topic

Q: Though you began playing a woman drawn into a mystery by a phone call in “The Accidental Wolf” several years ago, and it earned you an Emmy nomination, how was it to resume production to expand it from its original internet-series form in the coronavirus-pandemic era?

A: We were all tested, and it was surreal, but such a gift to know that we can still find ways to create. To look at it and remember where we were, that we were all so comfortable and free to be building these things together, sort of free of that fear — it’s heavy, I think, for all of us. But there’s gotta be hope that we’re gonna get back there. The great thing is, it continues to be made, and now people will be able to see it. Just its existence sort of makes me hopeful.

Q: While “The Accidental Tourist” has continued to provide work for you, how do you assess the pandemic’s effects on the Broadway community of which you’re such a part?

A: I think you can ask all of the people who are real theatre beasts … this time is devastating. We’ve lost friends to this disease. We’re watching people give up their leases and move to the Midwest to live with an aunt because there’s no way to afford to sit alone in a New York apartment and wait for the unknown.

We all live and thrive and breathe off of this sort of human collaboration; that’s what theatre is for us, so I think we’re all in this moment of uncertainty. And you have days of real Zen when you see how little control we really have, but then there are other days that it’s maddening. And we just wanna make it work and get back. I’m absolutely trying to do everything I can.

Q: How are you assessing the projects coming your way now?

A: At this point in our lives, it’s not pick-and-choose: “Oh, I’d rather do television or theatre or singing.” It’s, “What work can I find?” And not only to stay creative, but also to provide for our families. We’re all in the same boat here, and we’re taking some humble pie.

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