‘Ted Lasso’ – How Brendan Hunt became a ‘sponge’ for soccer knowledge

Actor/writer became a fan late in life

Brendan Hunt of ‘Ted Lasso’ on Apple TV+

Q: Were you knowledgeable about British football coming in to “Ted Lasso”?

A: I became a soccer fan late in life when I moved to Amsterdam for a while and discovered that soccer was a lot more awesome than I’d ever given it credit for. And maybe because I discovered it so late in life, I tried to make up for lost time and I really became a bit of a sponge and just devoured the information and culture as best I could. So I’ll never know as much about (it) as people who have been playing it all their lives and really have it down to the cellular level but I have become for sure a pretty big fan. You know, if I’m ever on “Jeopardy” and English football becomes one of the categories, I’m going to do well in that category.

Q: How is it working out scenes with series creator and star Jason Sudeikis and his relentlessly optimistic character?

A: Oh, it’s great. I mean, Jason is a great acting partner and writing partner. You know, he cares what the people around him think. He basically always knows what a given scene or moment should be. He’s got an incredible mind for seeing what the whole breadth of the show is at any given time, but his in box is still open. You know, everyone’s ideas are welcome and so yeah, I find him to be quite generous to work with. …

That’s the part of Ted that is very much a part of Jason. You know, the way he is with Nate (the equipment manager-turned-assistant coach played by Nick Mohammed) in Season 1 is the way Jason is with damn near anybody he works with.

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