Taran Killam likes being one of the ‘Single Parents’

Mastering a traditional sitcom is new for ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum

Taran Killam of ‘Single Parents’ Wednesday on ABC.

Q: What drew you to “Single Parents”?

A: It was interesting to me because I think parenting itself is quite a challenge, but to do it on your own is incredibly admirable, and I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been a show sort of focused on that plight. Once I said I was interested, I know that they tried to sort of write to some of my strengths — which (are) being an idiot — and (my character) just kind of having his heart on his sleeve.

I have two daughters, and I have a daughter in the show. And Marlow (Barkley), who plays my daughter, is the same age as my oldest child, so there’s a lot that I can draw from. But I dress much cooler than (the character) Will.

Q: How do you find the children on the show as co-workers?

A: These kids, they’re real pros. They have to tell us, “Hey, focus up, all right? I didn’t believe you in that last take.”

Lennie James

Q: Had you envisioned a next step like “Single Parents” while you were on “Saturday Night Live”?

A: I think “SNL” is all-consuming and you’re literally living day-to-day, so I don’t know that at the time, I would have foreseen what was to come next. I know as soon as I was off the show, a project just like this was exactly what I was looking for.

I guest-starred on “New Girl,” and I was a fan of “New Girl” through the whole series — so when I got to come work with them for a week, it was such a joy and a pleasure that when I got to sit down with Liz and Katherine (Meriwether and Pope, two of the executive producers of both that show and “Single Parents”) that first time, it was exciting, the prospect of working together.

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