‘Swamp Thing’ – Yep, Virginia Madsen went in

Why Virginia Madsen was protective of ‘Swamp Thing’

Virginia Madsen of ‘Swamp Thing’ on The CW

Q: At any point during filming “Swamp Thing” did you wind up going into the swamp constructed on the series’ Wilmington, N.C., set?

A: I do. I full-on go into the swamp – but much later. So I don’t want to spoil it but yeah, I’m in the swamp (laughs). I mean, everybody had to. Everybody at some point has to go into the swamp. And also everybody wanted to have a scene with Derek Mears, who was our Swamp Thing. You know, it was like, “When do I get to be with Derek? She got to be carried around by Derek. When do I get to? Do I get a fight scene with Derek?” (Laughs) We were all being very possessive of him.

Q: There is a story going around that director Alexander Payne gave out cases of the wines that were in “Sideways” to cast and crew when filming wrapped. Did you get those?

A: They’re gone (laughs). Those were gone almost immediately. He did give us all a bottle of the ‘61 Cheval Blanc.

Q: Was it what it was cracked up to be?

A: Oh yes. And he told me, he said, “Don’t do a Miles (Paul Giamatti’s character) and save this. I want you to drink it for no reason. I want you to be with someone you love, open it up and drink it.” So my mom and I watched a season finale of “The Sopranos” and drank it and it was glorious. And with pizza. In honor of Miles, we thought we should have junk food with it (laughs).

George Dickie

George Dickie

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