‘Summer Under the Stars’ is TCM’s August place to be again

Dave Karger is among hosts presenting full days of some actors’ films

Dave Karger of ‘Summer Under the Stars’ Monday and Saturday on Turner Classic Movies

Q: As Turner Classic Movies’ “Summer Under the Stars” month continues, are there any actors whose films you’re particularly gratified to see included?

A: Because I’ve been hosting (on TCM) for six years now, I wasn’t as attuned to the lists from when I wasn’t hosting, so there are people I didn’t know we had already done. One person I suggested this year, just because I’m a huge fan of his, was Randolph Scott … then they ended up giving that day to me (Monday, Aug. 15), which is exciting, but I didn’t realize he had already been an honoree.

It feels new, though, because it’s been a while since we’ve done a day of just his stuff. And not only does he get my vote for best-looking classic film star, I actually think he’s an underrated actor.

Q: Were you surprised by anything you learned about the “Summer Under the Stars” subjects you cover this time?

A: I guess I kind of knew this already with Randolph Scott because I’m so interested in him, but I was surprised by how abruptly he decided to retire, after “Ride the High Country.” I think he was still in his prime, looking great and acting great, but he just decided to stop.

I’m glad that we’re showing a lot of the later films on his resume, from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. I’m always a little sad when I see stars who could have made more great movies had they wanted to but, for whatever reason, decided not to.

Q: TCM hosts Jacqueline Stewart and Eddie Muller aren’t always in the “Summer Under the Stars” mix. Do you like that they are this time?

A: In many weeks when we do a monthlong franchise like this, some of the other franchises like (Stewart’s) “Silent Sunday Nights” and (Muller’s) “Noir Alley” don’t fit in. What’s great is not only that Jacqueline and Eddie get their own night here, but Alicia’s (Malone) “Follow the Thread” (film-fashion series) is incorporated on some Saturday nights. That’s an extra bonus.


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