‘Strike Back: Retribution’: How Alin Sumarwata embraced weapons training

Alin Sumarwata of “Strike Back: Retribution” Friday on Cinemax

Q: Your co-star Daniel MacPherson says you’re a pretty good shot. Had you shot a gun prior to this?

A: Not before I knew the role was coming up. When I was training for the role, because we had the luxury of six months once we knew we had it, so in that time I got really serious about weapons training and I worked in L.A. at the time and that made it quite easy to have access to rangers and weapons and people who can train you. And I love it. I got really into targets and snipering and yeah, I just love it. I love the mechanical and technical aspect of target shooting and the tactical aspect and just the handling of the guns. You know, you’re definitely not out there to kill animals or people but I like the mechanics of it, yeah.

Q: MacPherson said the ladies were better than the guys.

A: Oh, he’s being quite generous. They were good, too, but I think I did beat their asses in a shooting competition, so that’s probably what (he’s talking about). (laughs)

Q: You had a competition?

A: We had one in Jordan in the special forces training thing and yeah, I got the medal to show for it, too, to prove it (laughs). I guess I probably might have done a bit more target stuff before those guys. I don’t know, but yeah.

Q: Speaking of Jordan, that scene in the season premiere where you’re on a hill overlooking the Dead Sea looked amazing on a TV screen.

A: Absolutely. … We weren’t allowed to take phones up there and I did and I managed to get some sneaky stills (laughs). I could not resist it … (We) just burst into smiles and laughing and the cameras came out because it was breathtaking. You absolutely can’t hold it in. It’s exhilarating.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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