Stream Scene for Sunday, April 14, 2019

Stream Scene

Stream Scene for Sunday, April 14, 2019

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TV: Roman Empire: Season 3

DRAMA: Titled “Caligula: The Mad Emperor,” the third season of this original drama series revolves around the once-beloved despot whose rule of cruel depravity and debauchery shocked Ancient Rome and gained him infamy. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Thriller > Traitors: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Comedy > Special: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Horror > Black Summer: Season 1 (Original)
  • Movie > Horror > The Silence (2019 – Original)
  • TV > Crime Drama > Tijuana: Season 1 (Original)


TV: Bug Diaries: Season 1

COMEDY: Three unlikely insect pals find adventure in the big world around them and use their unique bug abilities to get themselves and others out of all sorts of jams, then record their experiences in their diaries in this original animated comedy series based on the books by best-selling author Doreen Cronin. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • Movie > Crime Drama > Outlaws (2017)
  • TV > Crime Drama > Diablo Guardián: Season 2 (Original)
  • Movie > Thriller > Acrimony (2018)
  • Movie > Sci-Fi > UFO (2018)
  • Movie > Biography > Colette (2018)


Movie: Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015)

DOCUMENTARY: Just before Danny Boyle’s well-received drama about the late Apple CEO was released came this 2015 documentary from Oscar winner Alex Gibney (“Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief”) that looks at the secretive personal life of the man behind the vision through interviews with people who were with him at various stages in his 56 years.

Other great shows and movies:

  • Movie > Documentary > Bad Reputation (2018)
  • Movie > Horror > Pledge (2018)
  • TV > Crime Drama > The Act: Season 1 (Original)
  • Movie > Thriller > The Guilty (2018)
  • Movie > Thriller > The Dark Mile (2017)


TV: Critters: A New Binge: Season 1

ADVENTURE: Following his bungee-jump from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon for his 50th birthday, the Fresh Prince comes forth with this six-part series that sees him trying a host of stunts that carry some degree of risk, be it skydiving, swimming with sharks or racing in a Formula One car. There is also an episode in which he dances in a Bollywood production, though one wonders how risky that might be. Perhaps if he doesn’t stretch? (ORIGINAL) Facebook Watch

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Comedy > The Thick of It: Season 1 (Britbox)
  • TV > Comedy/Horror > Critters: A New Binge: Season 1 (Shudder Original)
  • TV > Drama > Step Up High Water: Season 2 (YouTube Original)
  • TV > Action > Doom Patrol: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Drama > Extremely Dangerous (Britbox)


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