Stream Scene for Saturday, October 5, 2019

Stream Scene

Stream Scene for Saturday, October 5, 2019

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TV: Big Mouth: Season 3

SITCOM: “Equal parts shock and aww” is the tagline for Season 3 of this edgy adult animated comedy from real-life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate and Jessi Klein are among those who lend their vocal talents. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Drama > Raising Dion: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Anime > Seis Manos: Season 1
  • TV > Documentary > Living Undocumented (Original)
  • TV > Comedy > Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ (Original)
  • TV > Comedy > Mo Gilligan: Momentum (Original)


Movie: Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

ACTION: Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures — each representing Earth, air, water and fire — emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Crime Drama > Goliath: Season 3 (Original)
  • Movie > Western > High Noon (1952)
  • Movie > Musical > Glorifying the American Girl (1929)
  • TV > Drama > Empire: Season 6
  • TV > Drama > Niko and the Sword of Light: Season 2B (Original)


Movie: Uncanny Annie (2019)

HORROR: Airing as part of the “Into the Dark” film series, on Halloween night a group of college students get trapped in a mysterious board game that brings their darkest secrets and fears to life, where they must play to escape … and win to survive. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Horror > Light as a Feather: Season 2, Part 2 (Original)
  • Movie > Documentary > Amazing Grace (2018)
  • Movie > Drama > Teen Spirit (2018)
  • TV > Reality > Shark Tank: Season 11
  • TV > Sitcom > Bless the Harts: Season 1


Movie: Howling III (1987) & The Black Scorpion (1957)

SCIENCE FICTION: Stream and scream live every evening this October, as this service offers up “31 Nights of Horror.” Up first: An Australian scientist (Barry Otto) finds marsupial werewolves, one of whom (Imogen Annesley) finds work in a horror movie in “Howling III” (1987). Next, two geologists (Richard Denning, Carlos Rivas) try to destroy a giant scorpion that surfaces after a volcanic eruption in Mexico in “The Black Scorpion” (1957). Shout! Factory TV

Other great shows and movies:

  • Movie > Science Fiction > The Giant Gila Monsters (1959 — The Film Detective)
  • TV > Comedy > The First Wives Club: Season 1 (BET Plus)
  • TV > Reality > The Bachelorette: Season 13 (Tubi TV)
  • TV > Horror > The Phantom of the Opera (The Film Detective)
  • TV > Thriller > Back Home: Season 1 (Acorn TV)


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