Stream Scene for Saturday, October 19, 2019

Stream Scene

Stream Scene for Saturday, October 19, 2019

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TV: Living With Yourself: Season 1

COMEDY: Paul Rudd stars as a troubled man who undergoes a novel spa treatment that promises to make him a better person, only to discover he’s been replaced by a better version of himself, in this comedy series from writer/creator Timothy Greenberg (“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”). Aisling Bea, Desmin Borges and Karen Pittman are also in the cast. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • Movie > Dark Comedy > The Laundromat (2019 – Original)
  • Movie > Children/Comedy > The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween (2019)
  • TV > Drama > Match! Tennis Juniors: Season 1 (Original)
  • Movie > Crime Drama > Dark Crimes (2016)
  • Movie > Thriller > Fractured (2019 – Original)


Movie: Kill Chain (2019)

THRILLER: Nicolas Cage and Enrico Colantoni star in this 2019 thriller which follows the story of a group of strangers whose lives become entangled in a conflict that none of them could have prepared for.

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Romantic Comedy > Modern Love: Season 1 (Original)
  • Movie > Thriller > The Babadook (2014)
  • Movie > Thriller > Midsommar (2019)
  • Movie > Documentary > Project Nim (2011)
  • Movie > Drama > Hoosiers (1986)


Movie: Wounds (2019)

HORROR: Disturbing and mysterious things begin to happen to a bartender in New Orleans after he brings home a cellphone that was left at his bar in this 2019 thriller. The cast includes Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Drama > Looking for Alaska: Season 1 (Original)
  • Movie > Documentary > Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (2019)
  • Movie > Action > Cold Pursuit (2019)
  • Movie > Drama > Little Woods (2018)
  • TV > Comedy > Letterkenny: Season 7 (Original)


Movie: Gorgo (1961) 

SCIENCE FICTION: When an undersea volcano sends tremors throughout the Atlantic, aquatic creatures come out of hiding. Merchant seamen Joe Ryan (Bill Travers) and partner Sam Slade (William Sylvester) harness the most unusual of the lot, a massive beast that looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The enterprising sailors deliver their quarry to a British circus, but it turns out that the animal is a newborn. And, when his much larger mother arrives in London to rescue her son, the city feels her wrath.  The Film Detective

Other great shows and movies:


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