Stream Scene for Saturday, May 11, 2019

Stream Scene

Stream Scene for Saturday, May 11, 2019

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TV: The Society: Season 1

DRAMA: A group of teenagers are mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy New England town with no trace of their parents in this original drama series, dubbed as a modern take on “Lord of the Flies.” As the try to determine what has happened, alliances begin to form as they attempt to get back home. (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Comedy > Wine Country (2019 – Original)
  • TV > Horror > Chambers: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Fantasy > Lucifer: Season 4
  • TV > Comedy > Flinch: Season 1 (Original)
  • TV > Comedy > Abyss: Season 1 (Original)


TV: Wishenpoof: Season 2C

CHILDREN/ADVENTURE: Bianca and her teddy bear sidekick Bob return with their friends for new episodes and new adventures as they learn valuable life lessons such as helping learn how to ask for help, being a good friend and caring for a fuzzy Froovle. Who wouldn’t need to know how to do that? (ORIGINAL)

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Drama > Sneaky Pete: Season 3 (Original)
  • Movie > Horror > The Hole in the Ground (2019)
  • Movie > Comedy > Action Point (2018)
  • Movie > Comedy > Mid90s (2018)
  • TV > Adventure > Costume Quest: Season 1 (Original)


TV: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 6

DRAMA: Season 5 of this series featured time-jumping storylines that were dense to the point of disorienting as the S.H.I.E.L.D. team leaped into a dystopian future they quickly discerned must be prevented at all costs. That goal proved complicated, involving new enemies from distant planets, not to mention multiple timelines. Thanks to loyal acquaintances and teammates, however, they pulled it off. Now, as Season 6 premieres, the crew wrestles with the knowledge that they may have saved the planet, but they couldn’t save Coulson and Fitz (Clark Gregg, Iain De Caestecker). Ming-Na Wen and Chloe Bennet also star. Season premiere

Other great shows and movies:

  • Movie > Documentary > Dinosaur 13 (2014)
  • Movie > Documentary > Hillbilly (2018)
  • Movie > Documentary > The Last Animals (2017)
  • TV > Comedy > Drunk History: Season 6A
  • Movie > Documentary > Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies (2017)


Movie: Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

ADVENTURE: Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra’s (“Birds of Passage,” “The Wind Journeys”) Oscar-nominated 2015 epic tells the story of parallel expeditions down the Amazon in 1909 and 1940 to search for a sacred healing plant. Nilbio Torres, Antonio Bolivar and Jan Bijvoet head the cast. Sundance Now

Other great shows and movies:

  • TV > Comedy > Mr. Bean: Season 1 (Britbox)
  • TV > Comedy > Better Days (YouTube)
  • TV > Reality > Life Below Zero (YouTube)
  • TV > Comedy > State of the Union (Sundance Now – Original)
  • TV > Sitcom > Who’s the Boss: Seasons 1-2 (Sony Crackle)


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