‘Station 19’ – Ortiz a fan of ‘Grey’ crossovers

‘Station 19’ role an honor to play for Ortiz

Jaina Lee Ortiz of ‘Station 19’ Thursday on ABC

Q: Does it feel like you’re working on a different show when you’re doing these crossover episodes with “Grey’s Anatomy”?

A: No. It feels like the same show but with different faces. I feel like no matter what, ultimately since we’re living in the same universe it feels like one giant family and all the characters’ worlds are sort of like intertwined. So it keeps us all connected and it’s been an amazing experience so far, so I’m just excited to see more of it and see what Krista (Vernoff, “Grey’s” writer/producer) does.

Q: How physical is this role for you?

A: It requires a lot of persistence and discipline. At times, being that we’re shooting a one-hour drama TV show, we’re working 13-15 hours and so there are going to be days where I want to just eat anything I want and so the physical duties of playing a firefighter sort of like keep me in check. And so it requires a lot of discipline and strong-willed self-control (laughs).

So yeah, we have to train and it’s encouraged that we do. And of course, obviously it’s a Shondaland show so you never know when you’re going to show some skin, and as a firefighter you want to be believably fit and strong. So yeah, it forces me to work out and some days I just don’t want to. (laughs)

Q: So do you climb into the hot tub at the end of a shooting day?

A: You know, if I had the time I would absolutely do that. No, but this is the kind of role that I get to sort of practice so many different strengths as an actor. I get to be physically strong, I get to be vulnerable, I get to be a little sexy. So you’ve got like your badass, independent, strong female role model in one role and that’s an honor to play.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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