‘Star Trek: Picard’ – Pill thrilled to join the ‘Trek’ universe

Why Alison Pill loves working with Patrick Stewart

Alison Pill of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ on CBS All Access

Q: How do you like being part of the “Trek” universe?

A: (The Comic Cons) went well. I mean, the reception is always really amazing and Patrick is just the most glorious, gracious host of any of those panels and events. But I think for those of us who are joining the universe, nobody’s seen anything yet (laughs) so we still have relative anonymity and there’s not much excitement about – we have a very easy job right now, which is just to go, ‘And Patrick Stewart’ (laughs). And so I’m sure later there will be the wonderful, attentive fan base will be questioning and have bigger feelings about all of us. But for now, we kind of get to blissfully ride along the coattails of Sir Patrick.

Q: And with an executive producer credit, he was the ultimate authority on all things Jean-Luc Picard. Did you see that in action?

A: Definitely, yeah. And wonderfully we have very good writers who are incredibly open to our thoughts and feelings about the clarity of the character and nobody will argue about who knows Picard better than Patrick Stewart. And I think the other valuable part in having him be involved was to – his whole desire was to put Picard in a situation we’ve haven’t seen him in, of out of Star Fleet, older, searching for meaning of a different kind but still very much with the same moral compass, still very much with the same drive but just in a very different context than we’ve seen him.

And I think that really means that this next chapter of “Star Trek” is going to be a very different one than we’ve ever seen but still loyal to the universe as we know it, which is an exciting balance to find. And I think Patrick was a big key in finding that balance, both searching out the new and keeping clear on who Picard is.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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