‘Space Force’ – A surreal ride for Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz on improvising with Steve Carell

Ben Schwartz of ‘Space Force’ on Netflix

Q: How surreal is it for you to be doing a show called “Space Force” while the actual U.S. Space Force is coming together?

A: I’ve done a bunch of stuff now that I’m 38 years old but it is such an interesting and unique situation to be in, that while our show is coming out, in real time the Space Force is like putting itself together and doing similar things. And it was so crazy, as we were filming and we have actors in our “Space Force” panels, they released what their Space Force panels look like and it’s just such a unique and interesting thing. Because obviously we’re just taking the idea of Space Force and creating a comedy about it but to be able to watch the actual thing unfold while it’s happening I find so interesting.

Q: For your audition, you had to do some improvisation with co-star Steve Carell. How did that go?

A: It was great. You know, I’ve watched him for so long that I know how much improv he did coming up and so it was wonderful. And then I’ve been doing longform for a long time. We have these three specials on Netflix called “Middleditch & Schwartz” right now. They’re all longform specials so the idea that I get to kind of use that skill set with somebody that I’ve looked up to for so long, it was a joy. And in the show, we don’t really go too crazy with improv but the last part of the audition process was just to play around and see how it felt.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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