‘Soulmates’ – Why Sarah Snook would take the test

Snook would like to believe in ‘Soulmates’

Sarah Snook of ‘Soulmates’ Monday on AMC

Q: Has working on “Soulmates” changed your views on soulmates?

A: I thought it was interesting that while shooting the episode that we did that just taking a kind of anecdotal tally of cast and crew, it was pretty divided of who would take the test and who wouldn’t take the test; who believed in a soulmate and who didn’t believe in a soulmate, because for me approaching the project I was pretty confirmed that, yeah, of course, I’d take the test and pretty amazed that people would think twice about taking it.

Q: Did filming this trigger any regrets or uncertainties about your relationships?

A: I mean, I was single at the time I was doing it, so that’s maybe (why) I was much more gung-ho about the idea that I would take the test if I had it available. Yeah, I think you know you go through, as Brett was saying, a series of relationships through your 20s. And I guess once you reach your 30s, if you’re still sort of going, still looking, looking, looking, maybe the test is an easy way out if you’re single, but much more complicated if you’re already in a relationship.

Q: Do you believe in soul mates?

A: I think that like I would like to believe in the idea of it, I think. I don’t think it necessarily exists. I think if there’s one person, then there has to be multiple people who are right for a person. And would I want to know? I guess at some point in your life you get to a point you’re like, I’d like to know now. But yeah, I think I’d like to believe in them, sure.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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