‘Somebody Somewhere’ – Bridget Everett won’t give up

Actress identifies with character's struggles

Bridget Everett

Performing “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush in the premiere episode of HBO’s “Somebody Somewhere” almost proved to be too much for series star Bridget Everett.

In the half-hour comedy that premieres Sunday, Jan. 16, the actress, stand-up comic and singer stars as Sam, a rudderless 40-something struggling with the death of one sister, an adversarial relationship with another (Mary Catherine Garrison, “Veep”) and just trying to fit in in her Kansas community.

She’s living at home and feeling like she’s just sleepwalking through life. So when her best friend Joel (Jeff Hiller, “Nightcap”) calls Sam up on stage to do a duet with him at their church, Everett found herself getting emotional.

So the tears viewers see on the screen are genuine.

“First of all, I love Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush …,” explains Everett, who is also an executive producer of the series, “But every time I would even think about singing, I would get choked up because it’s one of those songs that I always listened to and loved but I’d never sung or put in my own voice.

“And when I sang it on that day,” the native Kansan continues, “it was very personal to me because I feel like I am the character Sam. I just let a lot of years slide by. And it really is the message to keep trying and give yourself and opportunity to succeed. Don’t just drift away. So that song has really taken on a new level of meaning for me.”

Bridget Jean Everett

Birth date: April 21, 1972

Birthplace: Manhattan, Kan.

Family: Single; the youngest of six siblings

TV credits include: “2 Broke Girls,” “Difficult People,” “Girls,” “Inside Amy Schumer,” “Lady Dynamite,” “No Activity,” “Another Period,” “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters,” “Camping,” “Historical Roasts,” “Twelve Forever,” “Unbelievable,” “At Home With Amy Sedaris,” “Bob’s Burgers” (voice only)

Movie credits include: “Sex and the City” (2008), “The Opposite Sex” (2014), “Trainwreck” (2015), “Patti Cake$” (2017), “Fun Mom Dinner” (2017), “The Stand In” (2020), “Breaking News in Yuba County” (2021)

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