Shania Twain likes the ‘real’ in ‘Real Country’

Music superstar helps other acts succeed on USA Network series

Shania Twain of ‘Real Country’ Tuesday on USA Network

Q: How did your involvement in “Real Country” come about?

A: I’d been talking with the producers from the very beginning, before the show was even named. There were a lot of creative discussions on how to go about this. What is so different about the show, and what stimulated my interest, is that it is focused on the country-music genre. My passion is to shine the spotlight on how diverse the genre is.

Q: Having been a guest on “American Idol” several times, and now doing “Real Country,” how do you feel about being in a position to judge other talents?

A: What I like even more about what I’m doing here is that I’m not a judge. The fans are the judges. so I get to enjoy discovering the talent, introducing them to this incredible opportunity, and connecting the audience to the artists.

They come to this at much more of a developed stage than just plucking somebody out of their bedroom and trying to make them a star. They’re developing their own style, their own performance skills and their own songwriting skills, and they’re bringing something to the table that is already ready for a genuine music career. It’s more about talent scouting, really.

Lennie James

Q: Is this show something you would have wanted to participate in early in your own career, had it existed then?

A: Oh, I would have been so excited to be able to have an opportunity like this! It’s entirely about, “Come and be who you are,” and that is where I think the absence of the judging is very important.

You don’t want to have to try to fit into somebody else’s ideal of what you should be, and that happens a lot in the (music) industry, through labels and agents. I had to fight really hard to be myself, and that’s what this concept is all about. And what it’s going to nurture.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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