‘Shameless’ – Hampton and character break new ground in Season 10

Shanola Hampton gets a new skill

Shanola Hampton

Like her character Veronica, Shanola Hampton is branching out as “Shameless” enters its 10th season.

“I have been shadowing directors on ‘Shameless’ just trying to learn it and hopefully I will be able to direct in the future,” the 42-year-old actress reveals. “… I’m on like my fourth week of shadowing and it has ignited something in me creatively that has just made me have such a buzz on a daily basis, I love it so much and I’m so glad that I now have another way that I can be creative and use my talents.”

The freewheeling dramedy about a scrappy Southside Chicago family that makes no apologies opens the new season Sunday, Nov. 10, on Showtime (and Crave 1 in Canada) and finds Veronica in the midst of change. Her best friend Fiona (former castmate Emmy Rossum) has gone south with $50,000 in her pocket to pursue new opportunities, leaving V to cope with the absence.

She’s also taken young Liam (Christian Isaiah) under her wing to teach him about black history and culture.

And then, of course, there is the Alibi, the bar she owns with husband Kev (Steve Howey), and the ever-increasing cost of raising twins, which will force Veronica to seek out other income streams.

“This season, you’ll see her really trying to tap into other businesses,” Hampton explains, “where they can really work outside of the bar and make some money. Because the kids are going to be starting school, and if they want them to not go to public school, it might cost them to go to preschool. So it’s all of those things. It’s the real-life struggle of people that don’t have a lot but are trying to acquire a lot now that they have children.”

Name: Shanola Hampton

Birth date: May 27, 1977

Birthplace: Roosevelt, N.Y. (raised in Summerville, S.C.)

Family ties: She and husband Daren Dukes, a producer, have a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son

TV credits include: “Popular,” “Reba,” “Strong Medicine,” “Scrubs,” “Related,” “Miami Medical,” “Criminal Minds,” “Stalker,” “Shameless”

Movie credits include: “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green” (2005), “The Hanged Man” (2007), “You Again” (2010), “Things Never Said” (2013), “They Die by Dawn” (2013), “Christmas in the City” (TV, 2014), “Suburban Gothic” (2014), “Always Worthy” (2015), “Forever” (2015), “#Truth” (2019), “Through the Glass Darkly” (forthcoming)

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