‘SEAL Team’ returns to CBS before relocating elsewhere

The David Boreanaz series heads to Paramount+ exclusively soon

David Boreanaz stars in “SEAL Team,” which starts its fifth season Sunday on CBS.

The heroes of “SEAL Team” typically stay on the move, and that’s about to be even more the case for them.

The adventure-drama series remains on CBS in starting its fifth season Sunday, Oct. 10 … but after four weeks, it will move to corporate-cousin streaming service Paramount+, with its first new episode there dropping along with the last one from CBS on Nov. 1. After lobbying hard for it to continue, star David Boreanaz — also an executive producer and sometimes director of “SEAL Team” — vows that even with its new home’s looser restrictions, the saga of an elite military unit will remain the show its fans have known.

“Being in this business for so long, I know that you never rest your laurels on what you’ve laid down,” he says. “You’ve constantly got to demand more of yourself to get a better show, and this is a big pivot for us. It shows the commitment that CBS has to the show, moving it to a platform that quite honestly is very dominant in today’s watching habits. I’m happy with what’s being done.”

With co-stars Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., A.J. Buckley and Toni Trucks also staying (Jessica Pare left the regular cast in Season 4), the new “SEAL Team” season opens with the first part of a story that sends the squad on a supposed training exercise, but it turns out to be an actual mission to retrieve a weapons expert.

“I was excited to see that there is not one gunshot in the first two episodes,” Boreanaz says of the tale. “It’s an interesting journey that we have, and it shows the resilience and great, strong development of the characters.

“One thing that attracted me so highly to this show in the beginning,” the actor adds, “was that there was just a blank canvas there. (Jason Hayes, Boreanaz’s role) wasn’t written on the page, and I was able to bring him to life and really find the avenue to do that along with the writers. It’s important to find what audiences want to get involved with, and for me, that’s always been character. And that takes time; you can’t just do it overnight.”

The son of a now-retired television legend in the Philadelphia (as Dave Roberts) and Buffalo (as Dave Thomas) markets, Boreanaz is nearing his 25th anniversary of near-steady series employment also encompassing “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” its spinoff “Angel” and “Bones.” He reasons, “I know it all could be gone tomorrow, so you just have to work on today … put your head down and just do the work. That’s all I’m really concerned about, and everything else takes care of itself.”

Jay Bobbin

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