Sarah Shahi is in another world with ‘Reverie’

‘Person of Interest’ alum experiences virtual reality in NBC fantasy-drama

Sarah Shahi of ‘Reverie’ Wednesday on NBC

Q: As he did for Halle Berry in “Extant,” “Reverie” writer-producer Mickey Fisher has designed a strong character in otherworldly situations for you. What do you make of that?

A: I love Mickey … but based on what he writes for women, maybe there’s something going on there that he should be asked about! No, Mickey is a dream, and I feel so lucky that I know him. We got to be very close, and he knows my children. They would come to the set, and he would make special trips just to see them. He and my oldest have a really neat bond over video games. He and I got in deep pretty fast, and I have all the love in the word for him.

Q: How is it to have Dennis Haysbert playing your boss?

A: If you just listen to him, you kind of melt. He’s got one of those voices, and it’s mesmerizing to be on the opposite side of him. His voice was everywhere I turned.

Lennie James

Q: Your husband, Steve Howey, also is very active as a performer. How is it to balance careers with being parents of three young children, including twins?

A: You know, the juggle has definitely become more intense in the last year. It’s something we’ve had a lot of practice with, just because I was doing “Person of Interest” while he was on “Shameless,” so it’s not new to us. We’ve been together for 16 years, and we have bumps just like every other couple, but we’re pretty committed to the kids. And as long as you do what’s good for the kids, that’s going to be your No. 1 priority.

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