Sadie Calvano reveals ‘Secrets of a Marine’s Wife’

Former 'Mom' co-star takes the lead in fact-inspired Lifetime movie

Sadie Calvano of ‘Secrets of a Marine’s Wife’ Saturday on Lifetime

Q: Were you aware of the true story behind “Secrets of a Marine’s Wife” before you were cast in the movie?

A: I did know a little bit about it. I’m a bit of a true-crime junkie, and I was excited when this came to my attention. It was untested territory for me as an actor, to tell the story of a girl who lived a really complicated life. She had kind of a rough go, then at her most vulnerable moment when she desperately needed a connection, she unfortunately ended up with a really bad man. And a horrible thing happened to her.

Q: Though you play someone who’s in her late teens in the movie, you’re past your teens in real life. Is that situation comfortable for you?

A: I definitely still look very young, and I’m just now starting to break into these more womanly roles. What’s been so exciting is that I’m getting to play these characters who are a little bit more mature and have multi-dimensional, dynamic, full story lines that push the envelope farther.

Q: With “Mom” having ended its run recently, how do you look back at your time as a co-star of that series?

A: That was a really amazing job. It’s really where I grew up. You hear sometimes of people having horrifying experiences on series, and I really could not have had the farther opposite experience. Everyone was so wonderful, and I felt so lucky that they were my TV family for so many years. It was a pivotal point in my life, so integral to me discovering myself not only as an actor, but as a person.

Jay Bobbin

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