Ryan Paevey has one of ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’

Hallmark Channel staple heads for Hawaii in his latest movie

Ryan Paevey of ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Saturday on Hallmark Channel

Q: In “Two Tickets to Paradise,” you and Ashley Williams play two people stood up at the altar, but deciding to go on their Hawaiian honeymoons anyway. How was it to work with her?

A: Oh, she was a blast! I actually had only met her once before. We did a convention together last year in Nashville, and she was really kind to me. I remember thinking, “I hope we get to work together. We’re loosely in the same universe, so that would be cool.” So, I got two good pieces of news with this … we were filming in Hawaii, and Ashley was in it.

Q: It doesn’t seem that Hawaii would be too tough a filming location to take. How was that for you?

A: Well, I get to surf in this one. I’ve spent my whole life surfing; I grew up doing it, and I brought my own board to this, too. I don’t know how to describe in words what the day we had scheduled for surfing was like. Surfing in Hawaii is different from surfing anywhere else, not only because the ocean is much more powerful, but because there’s a sort of ownership on the part of the locals. There are places that we as mainlanders just don’t go, but I got to surf one of those, surrounded by a bunch of really famous watermen.

Q: You’ve worked with just about every leading lady Hallmark has as a regular in its movies. Do you enjoy that?

A: I never know if they want to take it in a new direction and try a new pairing, or to revisit one because it worked before. Taylor Cole and I are still very close, and Erin Cahill and I are super-close. There’s not a mean bone in that woman’s body; she’s just sunshine wherever she goes. And Cindy Busby was the first co-star I worked with.

Ashley (Williams) is great comedically — not that she isn’t great otherwise — and though I can be funny, my sense of humor is not Hallmark-appropriate. I have a tendency to end up the serious guy, but less so in this new movie. Hawaii makes me happy.

Jay Bobbin

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