Roselyn Sanchez is based on ‘Fantasy Island’ now

'Without a Trace' alum stars in Fox reboot of classic series

Roselyn Sanchez of ‘Fantasy Island’ Tuesday on Fox

Q: You’re getting to work a lot in your native Puerto Rico this year, between starring in “Fantasy Island” and directing your first movie, “Diario: Mujer y Cafe.” How are you finding that?

A: “Fantasy Island” is such a big production and such a big deal for the film industry in Puerto Rico. I was going to be here anyway for almost two months for the feature, then this (series) came along out of nowhere. A lot of the crew that I wanted for my movie — because I’ve worked with them before and I know them so well — were not available, and I was like, “Freaking ‘Fantasy Island’!”

And then, literally two weeks before I came here to start pre-production on my movie, I got the (“Fantasy Island”) offer. I had no idea it was going to come my way, so I pushed my movie for a couple of months, and I’ll be in Puerto Rico for a while. My kids never get to spend time with my mom and my dad, because we’re in Los Angeles and they’re here, so it’s wonderful to see the whole family together.

Q: One of your earliest credits was the “Fame” spinoff series “Fame L.A.,” in which singing and dancing were vital elements as well as acting. Do you feel doing that show has lasting significance to your career? 

A: It was such a dream. In Puerto Rico, I grew up as a dancer; I was part of the number-one ballet company, and that was my main thing as a performer. Then, I was on the top live comedy show in Puerto Rico, and three years later, I decided to move to New York to do musical theater.

All I wanted to do was Broadway, and one thing led to the next, and “Fame L.A.” took me to Los Angeles. To be able to sing and dance and act was the closest thing to doing Broadway for me, and I enjoyed that show so much. I was able to do everything that I loved.

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