Rachel Bloom is still crazy about ‘Ex-Girlfriend’

Rachel Bloom of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Friday on The CW
Rachel Bloom of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ airs Fridays on The CW

Q: With Season 3 of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” getting under way, how would you describe this round of the show?

A: If you thought this show was going to be a funny “Fatal Attraction,” that’s what we are going into this season as. Rebecca thinks that she is a woman scorned. And regarding her sexuality and her relationships, she is going into this season saying, “I am a sexy, strong woman, scorned.” I actually have a fairly big bruise on … well, it used to be big, a bruise on my arm, from probably the sexiest musical number we have ever done on the show.

Q: Do you think Rebecca still finds California as unique as when she first moved there?

A: She’s from the East Coast, where there is a lot of baggage. You need to be a doctor or a lawyer, you need to do all those things, and the thing that always struck me about growing up in Southern California is that there is this sense of newness.

When you’re on the East Coast, every building has existed since like at least the 1800s. There is a lot of history. When you come out here, everything is just kind of new and there’s way less judgment, so it is almost what she aspires to and has never had.

Q: You recently performed at the Emmy Awards, but before that, you were on this year’s Tony Awards. How did that happen?

A: Two years in a row, I e-mailed everyone I could and I said, “I will sweep the floors at the Tony Awards. I will write a song. I will do literally anything.” I have wanted to do something for the Tony Awards since I was a kid … so I really, really had to fight for it. And I’m really glad that they let me do something. It was very much me, approaching them on my metaphorical knees and being like, “Please, I promise I’ll do a good job.”


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