‘Queen of the South’ – Braga embraces empowered character

Why Alice Braga calls her character a fighter

Q: You really see your character of Mexican cartel leader Teresa Mendoza as an empowered woman, correct?

A: Yeah. I read the book like eight or nine years ago … and I just thought it was a very interesting book. I mean, the show is super-different from what the original book is. But the idea of this woman rising up and being the leader of a cartel was kind of fascinating, her journey, her story of who she was, who she becomes, I thought it was a wonderful challenge for an actress to play. And of course, she’s a drug dealer; of course, there are flaws and it’s not an honorable profession. But it is a really challenging, interesting character for you to create the spine, for you to create the soul of it and the arc (of) where she comes from, a drug dealer’s girlfriend … to surviving through so many things in her life and then becoming a leader of a cartel in a world that is mainly dominated by men.

Q: So her mind-set was not difficult for you to tap into?

A: Yeah. It was interesting because I’d based her a lot on … what the writer of the book wrote. And even if we’re not doing the book, I tried to get her personality and some characteristics that she would have if she was in different situations like we created for the show. And I think the most challenging thing was understanding her strength. I think it was really wonderful to understand this person that didn’t victimize herself, and even though she had a very harsh life and harsh childhood by being someone who was raped, by being someone who lost her parents and all that, she never gave up. She always was a fighter and kept on going. I think that’s a very powerful thing to be, to have.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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