‘Quarantine Cooking Show’ – A new food trend?

‘Quarantine Cooking Show’ all about getting
people cooking

Mary Beth Albright of ‘Quarantine Cooking Show’ on The Washington Post website’s food section

Q: In a way, the meals you prepare on “Quarantine Cooking Show” hearkens back to how our ancestors ate during the Great Depression, no?

A: Yeah, and it’ll be interesting, too, to see – and this is obviously months in the future but it’ll be interesting to see how what we’re going to do now affects consumer trends and I don’t know the answer to that yet, obviously. But will people still be like, ‘Oh, beans really are great,’ or ‘I never want to see another bean again’? Or ‘Yeah, canned salmon is actually pretty good’ or ‘I never want to see another can of fish again’? So I think that’ll be interesting, too, to see if people sort of swing the other way to big-time luxury eating or if they just realize how easy it is to feed yourself at home.

Q: And a whole lot less expensive.

A: Oh my gosh. It’s funny because I’m spending a lot of money on groceries right now … but I’ve got to tell you it’s nothing compared to what I used to spend on, you know, you go out for a glass of wine after work or you buy a sandwich at lunch and it’s like the worst $15 sandwich you’ve ever had. … And so I just think there’s a lot of learning to be done right now and if it gets more people watching because it’s something that has to do with this thing that we’re all going through, I think it’s all for the better just because it’ll get us cooking.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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