‘Project Blue Book’ – There is life out there

Aidan Gillen: Watcher of the skies

Aidan Gillen of ‘Project Blue Book’ Tuesday on History

Q: Obviously the universe is vast and its possibilities are endless. Why do you think UFOs might visit Earth?

A: I would guess any visitations or — it would have been from an exploratory point of view just the same way as we send out — we would like to send out craft or messages to see what else is out there because, obviously, our universe is just potentially infinite. There’s definitely life out there and it would be great to know about it.

Q: Have you ever seen something weird that you were intrigued by in the sky?

A: Yeah, I think we all have. Yeah, I certainly have. I mean it could have been just a helicopter, but I don’t think it was. Look, I’m of the age where one of the first films I saw in the cinema was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” which, apart from making me very interested in this subject, instilled a love of cinema, full stop. And after I’d seen that three or four times in the cinema or whatever, I was watching the sky constantly. …

But, yeah, I did see some stuff. You didn’t know what to do about it ’cause like a lot of these potential people who report these things, they’re afraid of being ridiculed. Me and my friends phoned up the newspaper and said, “Did anyone else report seeing this?” and they say no, so we just left it.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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