Priscilla Quintana explores the sci-fi secrets of ‘Pandora’

Actress probes her character’s mystery in new CW summer series

Priscilla Quintana

How will the year 2199 look?

Priscilla Quintana doesn’t purport to know for sure, obviously, but her first stint as a series lead is giving her an idea: The model turned actress stars in “Pandora,” a sci-fi saga that The CW debuts Tuesday, July 16. Her character Jax goes through Space Training Academy, and as she learns the basics of surviving both alien and human enemies, she also discovers facts that indicate she’s not the person she thought she was.

“One of my favorite things about the show,” Quintana says, “is that though it’s set in the future, it’s still dealing with issues that we deal with today … racism, isolation, the power of religion and how it can be used for evil sometimes. (The series is) still very grounded and relatable to people of today. And I don’t know what the future will look like, but I think we have it pretty spot-on. I hope so, anyway.”

As for what a Space Training Academy education entails, Quintana notes that she “can’t really talk about that too much, because a.) it’s a secret, and b.) they like to keep me in the dark about that as well. So far, it involves navigating through space – by flying spaceships – and politics in space. And using laser guns, which is always fun.

“I had never acted against a green screen before,” adds Quintana, “We had a scene where we’re supposed to be staring at the most beautiful galaxy from an alien planet, just stunning and gorgeous. And what we were looking at was a green screen with a strand of Christmas lights hanging from it!”

Birthdate: Aug. 11, “but the year is a secret,” says Quintana. “A woman never tells her age.”

Birthplace and current residence: Southern California

Marital status: Undisclosed

Other television credits include: “Lethal Weapon,” “Training Day,” “Masters of Sex,” “VR Startup,” “Web Atlas”

Movie credits include: “Polaroid,” “Traffik,” “Furious 7,” “The Gambler”

On “Pandora” still being in production in Bulgaria as its premiere nears: “We definitely feel a bit of a time crunch, but everyone is so passionate and so ready, from the people in charge of the special effects to the actors to our showrunner. We feel the pressure, but I think the fact that we’re so happy to be doing this overpowers some of the downfalls.”

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Jay Bobbin

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