Pierce Brosnan returns to finish AMC’s ‘The Son’

AMC family saga begins its final round

Henry Garrett (left) and Pierce Brosnan star in the AMC drama series “The Son,” which starts its second and final season Saturday.

“The Son” is rising again for Pierce Brosnan, and as it starts its last round, he’s satisfied with what he’s brought to it.

Based on the novel by Philipp Meyer, the multigenerational AMC drama series spanning 150 years begins its second and last season Saturday, April 27. Brosnan returns as patriarch Eli McCullough, who’s focused on the early-20th-century rise of the oil business as he tries to handle conflicts both within and outside his Texas family. Illegal immigration and a rivalry between Comanche leaders are among the issues facing Eli and other McCulloughs as the saga’s timeline jumps back and forth.

Having tackled iconic roles from Robinson Crusoe to (of course) James Bond, the ever-gentlemanly Brosnan ranks Eli “very favorably” among his career highlights. “I really played him like an Irishman playing a Texan, and that allowed me to have a wonderful experience with the character, playing someone who is a born survivor and knows nothing but a world of violence. Eli definitely has lingered in my heart.”

As Eli in younger years, Jacob Lofland shares the part with Brosnan in a cast that includes fellow returnees Henry Garrett, David Wilson Barnes, Jess Weixler, Zahn McClarnon and Sydney Lucas – whose character, Eli’s granddaughter Jeannie, is represented in later times by Season 2 cast addition Lois Smith (“Lady Bird”). Glenn Stanton, Jeremy Bobb and David Sullivan board “The Son” as well for its final set of episodes.

Pierce Brosnan stars in the AMC drama series “The Son,” which starts its second and final season Saturday.

“I’ve really enjoyed going back to TV,” Brosnan notes after having established himself in “Remington Steele” in the 1980s. “That gave me my break in America and was my ticket to this career that I have. I like the pace of TV. There’s room to nurture a character and a story line, and to bring an audience into this world (of ‘The Son’) created by Philipp Meyer that’s so textured and layered.”

Having finished “The Son,” which he says was enhanced for him by “living in the Texas lifestyle in Austin” during production, Brosnan is continuing his movie work. He recently filmed the caper “The Misfits” for director Renny Harlin (“Cliffhanger”), and he’s now making the horror-themed “False Positive” in New York. “A journeyman actor is a good thing to be,” reasons Brosnan, who’s also giving added attention to his painting after his portrait of music’s Bob Dylan sold at a charity auction last year for $1.4 million.

“It’s very satisfying to entertain and to please an audience,” Brosnan reflects. “That’s the greatest gratification, and I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world and to meet many people and to have the work appreciated. You just tip your hat and move through the fair and get on with it all.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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