Paul Scheer keeps his aim on Wall Street in ‘Black Monday’

Showtime comedy series continues its second season

Paul Scheer of ‘Black Monday’ Sunday on Showtime

Q: What’s the greatest pleasure you get from continuing to make “Black Monday’’?

A: I will say that with David (Caspe) and Jordan (Cahan), what I think is so great about them as creators is that they really give you a lot of leeway with your character. It’s a conversation with them that you can help pull in different directions, and I think it’s kind of a rarity sometimes for showrunners to be wanting to hear your input.

Q: What do you think the ongoing strength of “Black Monday” is?

A: The show has stakes. There is a body count now associated with these characters, and that comes into play and it doesn’t just go away. A lot of this season is kind of making amends, getting revenge, partnering up … the fallout of it. There’s always some real weight to the characters, no matter how big (their) cell phones are.

Q: What do you think is different about Season 2 of “Black Monday”?

A: The scope has actually widened out. I feel like the first season, we were very much in a very small world, it being in that trading office. Then the first episode of this season, we started in Miami, D.C. and New York — and that kind of gives you the lay of the land.  There’s so many more characters coming in. I think all of our guest stars just don’t play a role where they pop in for an episode; they really are seeded throughout the season.

Q: How do you like working with Don Cheadle?

A: (Said tongue-in-cheek) Don won’t talk about this, but he’s an amazing inventor, and he created these … I guess they’re called “human blinders.” They’re like horse blinders, so it keeps our vision so we can’t make eye contact. Very uncomfortable.

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