‘The Comey Rule’ – Why Michael Kelly was impressed by Andrew McCabe

‘The Comey Rule’ – Why nothing surprises Michael Kelly these days

Michael Kelly of ‘The Comey Rule’ Sunday on Showtime

Q: What were your impressions of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe when you met him as you researched playing him for “The Comey Rule”?

A: Obviously, he’s got a lot more hair than I do (chuckles) but I think the first thing was I was sort of looking at him and sitting across from him going, “Wow, we really do look quite a bit alike.” (laughs). I think for me it was sort of like an affirmation of what I had in my mind of what he was and the man he was … You know, he’s a Republican and I’m a Democrat but it reminded me of that pleasant time when Republicans and Democrats could sit down with one another and just have policy issues that they disagreed on and not this incredibly heated moment that we’re living in politically right now.

You know, he is a great man and we think alike in so many ways and just have some different political beliefs. But what a kind, honest, hard-working civil servant, you know? Someone who’s dedicated his life to our country. And a family man. We talked a lot about our families and how similar we were in that way, in our love for family. You know, I just saw a guy who, very much like myself, just chose a different career path.

Q: Did anything surprise you as you worked on this series?

A: No, unfortunately … nothing has surprised me in the last three and a half years. Nothing. There’s a moment of “Jesus, can you believe this?” that happens day in and day out. … I do follow politics. I studied political science in college. “House of Cards” only further deepened that love and quest for knowledge in politics, so I was very familiar with this story.

And that being said, Billy (Ray, the series’ writer/director) is a very brilliant political mind and so there were many times that I would go to him and ask him questions … “Am I on the right track here? Am I thinking this through clearly?” And most often, his answer was yes (laughs).

George Dickie

George Dickie

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