‘Outlander’ – Heughan wears Jamie’s scars

‘Outlander’s’ Sam Heughan: The scars are who Jamie is

Sam Heughan of ‘Outlander’ Sunday on Starz

Q: You’ve been wearing the prosthetic scars that Jamie has on his back since Season 1. Is it heavy and how long does it take to put on?

A: No, it’s not heavy. It’s a couple of pieces and we have a fantastic prosthetics team, makeup and hair team. Yeah, I think they’ve got it down to about two hours now. And, you know, over time, you know Season 1 it was more vibrant. As time has passed now, the wounds have healed a lot more, the scarring has gone down. But yeah, it’s still quite a feat to get it on in the morning, especially at 4 a.m. in the morning. You know, it’s just because I’m grumpy, really, is the only reason why.

Q: Is there anything in you that says, “Oh, I kind of enjoy the intimate scenes but God, why do I have to wear that thing”?

A: No, it is interesting. You know, because it’s part of who Jamie is. He is covered in scars. He has so many all over his body, not just the back. We’ve had to try, obviously you need to keep count and know exactly where they are. We’ve actually had to lose some of the ones that he gets in the book because there were just far too many. But his body, really, he shares his experiences on his body. You get to see the life that he’s lived.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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