Omar Metwally isn’t taking ‘Treadstone’ lightly

‘The Affair’ alum co-stars in USA’s take on the Jason Bourne saga

Omar Metwally of ‘Treadstone’ Tuesday on USA Network

Q: Since “Treadstone” is so steeped in global spying, were you a fan of the genre before starting the series?

A: I suppose so. I mean, who doesn’t love big, international espionage tales? I would say I’m a fan, going back to films of the ’60s and ‘’70s where I feel the genre was really established … and up to and including the “Bourne” films, of course, which I think reinvented the genre in some way. It’s fun to be part of a tradition.

Q: Your “Treadstone” character, a CIA veteran who’s gone rogue, has turned out differently than how he first was conceived. Are you comfortable with that?

A: You always have in mind, when you embark on a new series, the knowledge that things can and probably will change as it’s being created. As the show proceeds, you learn things and the writers learn things, and changes and course corrections are made. All you can hope for is that the changes are good and are propelling the story forward in a way that still excites you. With this, that was definitely the case.

Q: Viewers of “The Affair” will know you as Helen’s (Maura Tierney) cancer-afflicted love Vik. How was your experience on that show?

A: It was a tragic end for the character, but also, it was the end of a journey for me personally. I really loved that character and always will. Whenever you say goodbye to a character you’ve been living with for a number of years, there’s always a lot of emotions.

The job started for me as a two-episode commitment and ended up turning into three-and-a-half seasons, so the whole experience exceeded my initial expectations, and in ways that I didn’t imagine at first.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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