‘Now Hear This’ – How Scott Yoo took up the violin

What Scott Yoo discovered about J.S. Bach

Scott Yoo of ‘Now Hear This’ on ‘Great Performances’ Friday on PBS (check local listings).

Q: You’ve said that filming “Now Hear This” changed your mind about Bach. How so?

A: I think when you grow up as a musician, you think of Bach as a marble statute on your mother’s piano. And when you go visit where Bach was and you read his handwriting, and you see a business card that he writes for himself and includes a little musical puzzle, you realize that, actually, no. Bach was very much a man and very much he was a human. He had really human qualities. He just happened to be an astoundingly gifted genius. It makes him more approachable and also less approachable. That’s what I got out of filming the episode. I think that’s what the audience will get out of watching. This is just a fellow man, and you’re going to trace his journey with us, and you’re going to realize, “Wow! He was just one of us,” just really, really good.

Q: How did you get interested in music when you were a little boy? Did your mother have a bust of Bach on the piano?

A: My parents wanted me to go to Harvard, and judging from my fetal weight, they knew that I was not going to be a linebacker for Harvard’s football team. So they got me a violin, and I was terrible at it until about 5 years old. … And apparently at some point I started playing (the theme song for “Masterpiece Theater”) for my parents, and they were amazed that I could do that from ear. And then the violin kind of got out of control, out of hand. And I started taking it really seriously, and then they knew that I was probably not going to become a lawyer, like they wanted, but probably going to become a musician.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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