‘Noir Alley’ remains Eddie Muller’s television address

Turner Classic Movies host enjoys exploring life’s dark side

Eddie Muller of ‘Noir Alley’ Sunday and Saturday on TCM

Q: Are there favorite movies of yours that you still hope to show on “Noir Alley”?

A: The great thing is that in the past, I have restored films and shown them at my film festival through the Film Noir Foundation, then out of that grew this relationship with the DVD label Flicker Alley. We could put them on home video for a select group of cinephiles who know where to look, then those films invariably end up on TCM. We just showed “Trapped,” which was a restoration — and “Repeat Performance,” which I restored years ago, but there were some rights entanglements. And there are more films like that in the pipeline.

Q: Your father was a boxing writer. As an author as well as a host, do you feel your career reflects his influence?

ewspaper, and I feel very much that that is part of me. There was never any question that you could make a living telling stories, or putting a tale in a readable fashion. It was his passion for the sport, and his nose for knowing where to dig out a good story.

He was also a very good public speaker, and that is clearly where I got my complete lack of anxiety about public speaking. I understand that most people’s biggest fear is having to stand up and speak in public, but I have to tell you, that’s one of the only times I’m completely relaxed. That’s just my thing, that I can do that and feel very calm about it … so yeah, I got all of that from my dad.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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