Noel Clarke remains ‘Bulletproof’

British buddy-cop adventure starts Season 2 on The CW

Noel Clarke of ‘Bulletproof’ Wednesday on The CW

Q: As Season 2 of your British action series “Bulletproof” begins its U.S. telecasts, are you and fellow star Ashley Walters satisfied by continuing as executive producers of the show — which you both also co-created — as well as playing the high-spirited police partners at the heart of it?

A: Movies like “Bad Boys” are something we had always tried to do, and I guess people over here (in England) didn’t really get it, because nobody here had done it before. Ashley and I finally got to a place where once we got on set, we just did what we wanted — and when that (first season) came out, almost every journalist and every fan mentioned the banter and the body language between the two guys. And then, everybody was like, “Brilliant! Let’s do that again!”

Q: You won the BAFTA Award, the British equivalent of the Oscar and the Emmy, for rising star in 2009. What did that mean to you and your career then?

A: It was a great boost of confidence, but the world wasn’t ready at the time. You think about how it is now because of where we are, with more acceptance and more opportunity for people of color. Winning it this year or last year would have yielded a lot more benefits than winning it all those years ago, when nobody really knew what to do with me.

Q: Having been a “Doctor Who” cast member for a while, in the role of Mickey Smith, have you found that credit has stayed with you in the eyes of fans?

A: Yeah, 100 percent, and it’s something that I’m very proud of … and something that I never don’t want to talk about. I loved being in it, and I wish I had been able to do more of it. The vast majority of its fans have always continued to support me, and I really appreciate that.

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