Nicole Byer is part of a ‘Grand Crew’

Actress-comedian is in ensemble cast of NBC series

Nicole Byer of ‘Grand Crew’ Tuesday on NBC

Q: You often do your own material as a performer. How different is it to speak someone else’s words as a sitcom star on “Grand Crew”?

A: Honestly, it’s not that different because I know (series creator and executive producer) Phil (Augusta Jackson) so well. Phil and I did improv together in New York for a very long time. Ten years ago, we did improv out here (in Los Angeles), and then (my character’s) name was Nicky. She was based on me a little bit, so it is my voice.

I feel like our writers’ room (on “Grand Crew”) and Phil are just so talented that everything that was written was just easy. It was easy to find. It was easy to say. It was easy to perform. So, honestly, it wasn’t much different than what I’m used to. It was fun and funny.

Q: You were well-acquainted with many of the other talents on “Grand Crew” before starting the show. What has that meant to you?

A: I really love working with friends, and I also love working with people who are open to collaborate and are just easy to work with… funny, talented people who are a joy to be around but also professional. It’s like we can joke, but also, we came to do a job. I love that so much, and that’s what I’ve learned. I really like my friends.

Q: There have been so any other sitcoms about groups of friends, what do you think makes “Grand Crew” special?

A: You see the magic happening on this show. I don’t want to toot our own horn, but we have very magical chemistry that happened almost instantaneously, and I think that really comes through on the screen. I think these people are interesting, they are funny, and they seem to just really have joy and love each other.

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