New era in sports talk radio, and TV

Mike Golic of ESPN
Mike Golic of ESPN

Sports talk radio and TV have come a long way in the past few decades, with sports fans having the option of tuning in to their favorite talk radio shows on TV. Often done locally in major markets and around big-time sports franchises in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, things changed for the better as sports talk radio popularity increased, and what was once solely on the airwaves came to the wide-screen.

A new era will begin Monday, November 27 when what was the “Mike and Mike” show on ESPN Radio, which subsequently has aired on ESPN News and eventually ESPN2 since 2004, becomes Mike and Trey, or “​Golic and Wingo.” After 18 years together, former pro-football player turned broadcaster Mike Golic and anchor Mike Greenberg ended their run as one of the most popular radio/TV sports talk shows. Their last show was November 17. Golic and long-time ESPN anchor Trey Wingo will begin their new morning show on Monday.

Greenberg, meanwhile, is set to get his own morning TV show on ESPN. In September the New York Post reported that former basketball player Jalen Rose and reporter Michelle Beadle will join him. The show was supposed to launch in January, but the Post also reported it has been pushed back until the spring of 2018.

“Mike and Mike”​ began in early 2000 as sort of a sports version of “The Odd Couple,”​ which the show and the network played up to a great degree. They obviously had fun together on the air talking about everything from football to bass fishing. Too, they competed against each other on the golf course, on the tennis courts and on the air, such as in the annual “Sheets of Integrity”​ segment centered around the NCAA basketball tournament.

They could also be serious, such as when an athlete like Muhammad Ali or a colleague like Stuart Scott passed away. In the difficult days following September 11, 2001, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic handled the delicate relationship between the real world and that of sports as well as anyone. They also led the charge in saluting Jim Valvano and raising funds for the V Foundation and cancer research every year on the day following the MLB All-Star game.

Trey Wingo will be a more-than-adequate replacement, and in a few months listeners will adjust and barely know the difference. Change is nothing new, especially at ESPN. Just ask former ESPN Radio personalities Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd, who both have their radio shows on Fox Sports Radio and are simulcast by NBCSN and FS1 respectively.

Sports talk radio, and TV, will go on without Mike and Mike, but it sure was fun while it lasted.


Dan Ladd

Dan Ladd

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