Nathalie Morris gets a career ‘Bump’

Actress' Australian comedy-drama comes to The CW

Nathalie Morris

Nathalie Morris may be expecting on the screen, but she’s not sure what to expect as her comedy-drama showcase comes to America.

The Australian actress stars as a Sydney high school student whose unexpected pregnancy means tricky negotiating of the student body — which includes the forthcoming child’s father — and the two families directly involved in “Bump,” which The CW gives its U.S. premiere with two half-hour episodes Thursday, Aug. 11. Fiercely independent Oly (Morris) isn’t sure what to do when she learns she’s carrying Santi’s (Carlos Sanson Jr.) child, but the two resolve to deal with the situation as best they can, with a variety of reactions surrounding them.

With series co-creator Claudia Karvan playing Oly’s mother, “Bump” recently completed filming its third season. “I’m very happy and very surprised,” pleasant lead actress Morris says. “We did the first season and had no idea what to expect, and it’s just been the gift that’s kept on giving. We wrapped on Season 3 in April, and it will come out in Australia in December.”

In playing younger than her actual age in “Bump,” Morris notes she appreciates the opportunity the show gives her “to look back on my teenage years and express how I saw the world at that age … and make fun of myself at 16 a little bit. I I think that’s why they ended up going with a slightly older cast.”

Indeed, Morris believes the result is that “Bump” allows for a “wink” at the people it depicts: “It puts the show in a genre that is not necessarily satirical, but makes it comedic as well as truthful and more earnest.”

Nathalie Morris

Birthdate: Dec. 18, 1996

Birthplace: Canberra, Australia

Current residence: Sydney, Australia

Marital status: Single

Other television credits include: “One Lane Bridge,” “Almost Paradise,” “Shortland Street”

Movie credits include: “Petrol,” “Killer Sofa,” “Black Christmas,” “Cade”

On “Bump” coming to America: “The response in Australia completely surprised me, the amount of people who have seen it. Then it was really successful in the U.K., and people reached out about it and how much it meant to them. It blows my mind, since it was just this little thing that we filmed. And now, for The CW to be showing it … I’ve never been to the United States, so it’s very surreal.”

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