Music, and The Go-Go’s, still keep Jane Wiedlin going

Showtime documentary covers the reunited band’s history

Jane Wiedlin of ‘The Go-Go’s’ Tuesday on Showtime

Q: What do you think of the documentary “The Go-Go’s”?

A: I’m very excited and happy that Alison (Ellwood, the film’s director) really got to the heart of the band and created a story line that just makes so much sense. I’m also really excited that people get to know about the early years; the vast majority of people who even know about The Go-Go’s don’t know about our roots (when the band was based partially in England).

Q: How do you look back at the decision you made to leave The Go-Go’s at the time you did?

A: I wish things had gone differently. I wish we’d taken more time apart at the time, so that we could have continued to set the really high standard of songwriting from the first album.

We were too young to really speak honestly and thoughtfully to each other, but all I can say is that we’re all in a really good place now, so I guess that it all worked out for the best.

Q: Are you surprised to find The Go-Go’s reunited and now creating new music again with the single “Club Zero”?

A: We’re still together, and it’s been an on-and-off thing. Now, anything else is just like an added bonus, and writing and releasing something new was a big deal. We all knew that with a new song, we wanted to show people that we’re still alive and well, and we’re still a rock band.

“Club Zero” really fits the bill, and I felt passionately about what it’s about … women standing up from strength and saying, “No one is going to take us down anymore. We don’t care what you say.” It’s a nice, defiant message, and I’m very pleased about it.

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