‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ – Witches in the military

Witches fight for our country in ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’

Taylor Hickson of ‘Motherland: Fort Salem,’ premiering Wednesday on Freeform

Q: This is a pretty wild alternate universe. Were you presented with a history of this alternate America, like a textbook of information?

A: Eliot (Laurence, the series’ creator/executive producer) was a big Wikipedia for us. We went to him for a lot of questions that we had, and he was super-knowledgeable and he gave us a lot leeway in building our characters. … To take history and modern issues and stigmas and make such a well-articulated love child is, really, it’s an enigma.

Q: The idea that is introduced in the pilot is that this new unit of witches in basic training has to work together or die separately, basically. And clearly they can’t, because you need drama. But because the show is so rooted in feminine power, how important is it for you to make sure that it doesn’t just turn into girl vs. girl as the troop trains?

A: That was a conversation that we were actually having earlier, because that’s such a problem that I see in all our communities and media, women tearing down other women. And in this day and time, it’s more crucial than ever that women uplift each other and support each other, and I think we’re incredibly humbled to have a series that conveys that message. … I think a recurring theme in the series, in general, is just having it be less about individual successes and more about a team strategy.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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