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Secrets of the ‘Dead’

Lennie James of “Fear the Walking Dead” Sunday, Apr. 15, on AMC

Q: How do you like Morgan’s new surroundings on “Fear the Walking Dead”?

A: I’m getting used to it. In all honesty, I had a week between locations and a week between shows, so I came off of the back of seven months in Atlanta doing “The Walking Dead” to come to Austin. And so at the moment, the divide between the two of them is a bit of a blur, but Austin has become clear to me and this new crew and this new cast, we’re becoming firm and fast friends and family, which you have to do in these things.

Q: Are there fewer secrets on “Fear” than on “The Walking Dead”?

A: You would think so, right? But certainly at this early stage, it’s as much as on “The Walking Dead” because of how Morgan joins them, at what time he joins them, who are the other characters who join around the same time that he does. You know, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, Jenna Elfman – all of them, all of the different arrivals, their secrecy, all of those where we catch up or join the existing “Fear” cast, what position they’re in – there’s just as many secrets, at this particular moment in time, as there is on “The Walking Dead.”

Lennie JamesQ: What has fan reaction to the character’s switch been like from your perspective?

A: Well, the fan reactions have run the whole gamut, to people who are disappointed to see him go. Luckily, there haven’t been any (people saying they’re glad Morgan is gone) that I’ve heard of. There may be some out there but they haven’t reached me yet, of anybody going, “Good. Good riddance. I’m glad he’s gone, I hate him. Get rid of him.” I haven’t heard any of those, but I think the overwhelming feeling has been that people understand why it might be a good thing but slightly upset that it happened, and this particular character is the one that has crossed over, as it were.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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