‘Modern Love’ – Series returned Milioti to old NYC stomping grounds

Filming bare bones for ‘Modern Love’

Q: You’ve mentioned you really liked the fast-paced filming of your episode of “Modern Love” in New York City. Can you talk about that?

A: Yeah, and like on the streets of New York, we did a couple pick-up days like a month later where we were just like walking along 7th Avenue in the West Village with a camera and a skeleton crew and just like doing it really bare bones. It was amazing.

Q: Where was that apartment building where your character lived?

A: That was in Prospect Heights, sort of across from Grand Army Plaza. It was in Brooklyn, and what’s amazing about that is I am a college dropout and when I dropped out of college, one of the jobs I had was that I was a dog-walker and I had a bunch of dogs in that building. And it was really amazing to be like there filming this. I knew that building very, very well because I walked three dogs that lived there.

Q: So did you get the crew in with the landlord?

A: No, not at all. They literally were like, day one, “Here’s where you have to show up.” And I showed up and I was like, “Oh, I know this place very well. I know this building very well.”

Q: So the landlord wasn’t even brought into it?

A: No, not that I know. I mean, I had nothing to do with it but it was just sort of like a beautiful kismet.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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