‘Good Bones: Risky Business’ — Mina Starsiak Hawk wants to prove everyone wrong

Big project means big money

Mina Starsiak Hawk

Q: What went through your mind when the architect told you construction costs on the Sanders House renovation would be $600,000-700,000?

A: How am I going to figure how how to get that money? Why did I buy this house? Everyone did not think I should buy it and basically like how am I going to prove everyone wrong? And again, still I am – it’s a question mark. Like am I going to prove everyone wrong? Or is it going to be a big, fat “I told you so, you shouldn’t have done it”? And that’s still TBD (laughs).

Q: Was your mom one of the ones who was against it?

A: She didn’t really say anything, which means probably yes. But my sister works for me at the time, my sister-in-law works for me and they were both transitioning out and definitely was not – like we didn’t have extra money in the company to be throwing at this completely unnecessary, super-ritzy project.

Finley, who’s my chief of staff … she looks at our bank account every single day and I don’t know how she hasn’t lost all of her hair, like it’s just incredibly stressful. And I’m like, “OK, now we need to spend a little more because we actually need to make it livable. We need extra sheets. We need toilet paper.” (Laughs) So every day money is going out and it’s not coming in yet.

Q: But it sounds like it will be shortly.

A: Hopefully. We have three reservations in October so I don’t imagine it’s going to go smooth but we’ll hopefully get all the kinks worked out. But I’m still learning. We have a small Airbnb that was our office from Season 2, so we have like that property holding in rental experience but this is just a completely different beast. You can’t (prepare) this in two hours between someone going out and going in. It’s a whole day affair because of the size.

George Dickie

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